How The Program Works

Mentoring relationships are based on personal characteristics and interests, and do not take place on a first–come–first–serve basis. Instead, they are carefully considered through personal involvement by the program staff to increase the potential of a successful mentoring relationship. It is our goal to make each mentoring relationship a successful and rewarding experience. All adult mentors are carefully screened and are required to be fingerprinted. The Tehama County Mentoring Program provides ongoing training and support to all mentors, and is committed to developing satisfying and meaningful mentoring relationships that are mutually beneficial to both mentors and youth mentees.

“Let us never forget that the children are our future. They are the guardians of our aspirations, the preservers of our dreams and the emissaries of our hopes. Truly, they are the promise of America. And now more than ever, we must all be committed to making a difference in their lives.”
America’s Promise Co–Chair, Mrs. Alma Powell

Programs Offered by Tehama County Mentoring